​Tear-out: Over time the life and appearance of your pavement begins to deteriorate. Cracks and potholes may occur which can compromise the base of your driveway or parking lot. This option is the best repair option in situations where the base has been compromised, drainage issues are present, or alignment with existing surfaces may be a factor.

The old pavement is removed. The base is inspected for weakness or inconsistencies. Additional stone and/or undercut may be required to ensure a firm foundation, and then the base is recompacted. New hot-mix asphalt is then applied and compacted to proper height.​

Recap or Resurfacing: This option can be a more cost-effective option if you’re looking to freshen up the face of your pavement. This option is only available if your asphalt has no serious structural issues to the base. It should be noted however that since this process is just laying new asphalt over your existing pavement, mirrored or reflective cracking is inevitable. Any cracking that is occurring on the existing pavement will show up within 3-5 years on the new surface.

The process of installing a recap begins with inspecting the existing pavement and identifying any dips, potholes or drainage issues so extra asphalt can be added to those areas to correct those issues, also known as wedging. Butt-joints, any edges that butt up to an existing edge like a sidewalk or street, are created so the new asphalt will line up with the existing structures. The asphalt surface is cleaned, and a tack-coat adhesive is applied to the existing asphalt. Hot-mix asphalt is then laid down and compacted to 2” to create a new pavement surface.

New Install: Asphalt parking lots or driveways are built from the ground up. Asphalt structures are only as good as the base underneath it. We devise the best course of action for the job site based on drainage, contours, ground conditions, and other variables that might affect the new install.

We start with the excavation and removal of dirt. To create a good base we then install, grade, and compress 21AA stone as a base. For maximum results the new asphalt is paved and rolled in two lifts.

Mill and Pave: This option may be an alternative option to a full remove and replace if there are only minor structural concerns present including the new asphalt needs to remain completely flush to other existing structures, such as curbs or sidewalks. Milling is a process where we plane down 1.5” – 4” of the existing pavement surface before applying a new asphalt layer to replace the asphalt that was removed. This is a good option for older pavement surfaces that have several layers of asphalt installed or are severely potholed or alligated.

Asphalt Paving

HD Sealcoating and Paving offers several different repair options depending your budget and the current condition of your asphalt.