Eco Sealing:

     - HD Sealcoating has obtained a license under the new City Ordinance to provide your sealcoating needs. The PAH content (Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons) of our Sealmaster sealer is only 0.02% PAH by weight and is under the township requirements. Thank you for choosing the ECO sealer which reduces the negative impacts of PAHs to the environment. 
      - HD Sealcoating uses a thicker and darker sealer than the industry standard in order to provide a more uniform finish. HD Sealcoating orders it's sealer in bulk and mixes it specifically for the job site.

Sealer Material:
      - HD Sealcoating uses Sealmaster commercial grade Sealer.
      - Diamond shield latex modifier of 4-6% will be added to reduce cure time and increase structural strength.
      - Silica sand will be added to the sealer, 3lbs per gallon, for enhanced durability and slip traction.

Sealcoating Process:
     - HD Sealcoating's crew will clean out all driveway cracks and the driveway surface using a commercial grade blower and steel wire bristle brooms.
     - All loose debris will be removed from the cracks and surface before filling the cracks and sealcoating the driveway.
     - Deep cracks will be prefilled with silica sand to prevent sinking as needed.

     - HD Sealcoating will apply commercial grade Durafill to all cracks between 1/4" - 1 1/2.
     - Cracks will be banded (1/2" of each side of the crack) to prevent water from sitting on or near the crack.
     - HD Sealcoating will apply a uniform heavy coat of Sealmaster commercial grade sealer with a brush or spray unit depending on the texture of the driveway.
     - HD Sealcoating will clean all job site debris.