Hot rubber crack filling


​When your pavement begins to crack it may seem like a small issue but left unaddressed it can lead to costly repairs down the road. By using hot rubber to seal cracks early on, you help prevent water penetration, which can lead to uneven pavement, frost heaves, or erosion to the base of the pavement. These issues will shorten the life of your pavement by increasing the rate of deterioration and can cause allegation, or spider web cracking, crumbling, and potholes. The hot rubber is an elastic polymer material that will expand and contract as the weather changes, helping to prolong the life of your pavement by protecting the integrity of the asphalt.

HD Sealcoating and Paving highly recommends hot rubber crack fill in conjunction with sealcoating for best results. Call us today to protect your driveway from further damage.

Please note: Hot rubber is for filling major cracks around a quarter of an inch up to an inch and a half wide. This material is not suitable for sealing off cracks larger than an inch and a half, broken areas, cracking along the edges, hairline cracks, areas that have heavy allegation or spider web cracking, or raised cracks. Other repairs may be necessary to address these types of issues.