Catch Basins

Catch Basins are often installed to assist with the relocation of water drainage in parking lots. Malfunctioning or failing catch basins can retain water underneath the surface of the parking lot causing erosion and instability to the base of the parking lot. This could ultimately lead to the collapse of the pavement in the surrounding area or throughout the parking lot if left unrepaired. This leads to more costly repairs not just to the catch basin area but to other areas of the parking lot, as well as causing a liability hazard.

HD Sealcoating and Paving will repair up to 3 courses of block or bricks in a standard basin repair. Additional course layer repairs could cost extra. Typically, an 8’ x 8’ square surround is cut around the basin, old materials are removed, and repairs are made to course blocks and then set to proper drainage height as needed. If the basin is full of sand or debris the customer must first call a plumber to flush out the basin for proper drainage. HD Sealcoating and Paving will then fill in the surrounding cut out with either compacted hot-mix asphalt or concrete to complete the repair. Concrete basins while more expensive are more durable in heavy traffic areas and have greater longevity during Michigan’s freeze thaw cycles and is better for heavy load traffic areas. Asphalt is a more economical option for low traffic areas.